The Center Ring Boxing Club has been established in the Las Vegas area since 1994. The club/gym is open Monday through Friday for private sessions from 12 (noon) to 4:30 pm & for all After School/USA Boxing Amateur Training 4:30 to 9 p.m. Private sessions are available Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm and we are closed Sunday. The programs are free for youth ages 8 to 18. No Mentor or Coach can charge any fee for services. Only a $10 annual fee is charged per youth to offset insurance.

The Club is available to low and moderate-income youths, from ages 8 to 18 of the high-risk neighborhoods located in all North and East Las Vegas. However, it is open to all youths and referrals from the juvenile justice system regardless of which area of Clark County they reside. The objectives of the program provided by Center Ring Boxing Club (the Club) are:

To Prevent Academic Failure

The tutorial program is a requirement of training for boxing. Every youth must develop a plan of academic improvement with a tutor, which includes submission of report cards, school attendance records and completing homework on site. A tutor may help the youth to do his/her homework correctly, assist with work on academic weaknesses and take an active role in periodic evaluation of progress. With this assistance, the program helps youth stay in school, improve attendance, develop good study habits and improve grades.

· Education
· Diploma
· College
· Trade

Physical Development

By training and conditioning for boxing competition, youths improve their eating habits and the body’s physical condition. Exercise and good physical conditioning build self-confidence. We have found, as the body improves so does the schoolwork. Our experience shows that even youths that trained and did not participate in tutoring had improved grades. Improvement in school activities was greater once the tutorial program was implemented. To keep the body in shape requires youths to avoid the use of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol, which is the biggest part of the goals of training. More importantly, it is a strong interest draw for this preventive and diversionary program for these activities by youths exposed to hard-core gangs and drugs.


By competing in amateur boxing and other programs, youths develop self-esteem, empowerment and discipline. Competing requires travel. In those excursions, youth meet people from other walks of life. It exposes them to different places and lifestyles. This exposure will widen their life experience; Youth soon realize there is more to life than what happens in their own neighborhood. It gives them positive activities with positive role models when they are not in school. The objective is to give them a positive goal to strive for and to plan for it in a healthy manner. The computers help them explore cities they go to for competition. When they go, they are better informed of current events and points of interest at that location.

· Basic training
· Advance training
· High performance
· Sparing
· Local competition
· Tournament competition

Creating Champion of Life for a Better Tomorrow Club Membership

The Club builds a sense of belonging. By providing positive role models and becoming a role model, there is a sense of community that can be built upon. It provides a forum for positive problem-solving. There are rules for Club membership, tutoring, and boxing competition. By following these rules, youth feel they are a part of the community and thus build responsibility. , with participation in community service activities gives them a sense of contributing to that same community.
All mentors and coaches volunteer their time to help these youth become better citizens in their community.
Coaches apply the Amateur Olympic Style Boxing provided by USA Boxing and AIBA Technics.
Mentors help encourage youth to further their education and respect others as they would themselves.

Center Ring Boxing is vital to Las Vegas and especially the inner city communities. Making a difference with our youth as they give these at-risk kids an opportunity to not only be champions in the ring but even more importantly, champions in life.

Manny Fernandez

Coach Jose and Center Ring Boxing have been a great example of how one can impact their community. It has been a blueprint for myself to do the same in my community.

Robert Linney